• Belinda Coyle

Are we getting ripped off?

With the upkeep of the app, I have become more and more dismayed at the cost of items here in New Zealand.

A basic loaf of allergy free white bread can cost you anywhere up from $7.00 (very rarely do you find one less than that), yet the cost of the same product in the UK is 1 pound 50p.

Did you read that correctly?

Yes, yes you did. Convert that to $NZ - it is not even $3.

It is quite hard to get your head around right?

Some people will say it is because we have such a small population of allergy sufferers here in New Zealand, that the suppliers can charge the premium amount.

Others will say that the product will not travel well from the UK..... I dont think that would matter - the supermarkets here would still put a huge mark up on it because we already are willing to pay so much.

I have also heard on a closed Facebook group (this is a separate blog post on it's own - Facebook doctors) that we pay for a more 'premium' product. Who are you trying to kid?

How much do they pay in Australia for gluten free bread? I will have a quick look.......

It actually appears that you poor Ozzies are paying more than we are...... (upon conversion) I did find the Woolworths brand is $4.50 AUD ($4.82NZD) - and interestingly enough, we have Countdown here who is owned by the same company, so there could be hope for us yet. Not the same as 1 pound 50p, but definitely not $7.

While I acknowledge that NZ is starting to finally get more range in the allergy category, in my opinion, there is still a long way to go. We appear to be making excuses for the high cost of living with a food allergy....

In my opinion..........



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