How do I know how my sensitivity level?

This is different per user.  Low Sensitivity - not much of a reaction.  Medium Sensitivity - react, but is not life threatening.  High Sensitivity - keep this ingredient as far away from me as possible

I scanned a product and it is coming up unsafe for gluten, yet the only gluten noted on the packaging is 'may be present'.  Why is it unsafe?

We chose to add any allergens noted on products to the app, as some people are sensitive to cross contamination.  This information then becomes users choice on whether to consume.

Are you going to add nutritional information?

The idea of the app is to make the reading of ingredients easier.  Nutritional information may be added in the future, but for now it is purely ingredients information.

Why are your list of Dislikes the same as your list of allergies / intolerances?

We did this to cover all areas.  Some people are allergic to Dairy, but maintain a gluten free lifestyle, so we chose to keep the information on both categories.

My allergy is not on the list.....  

We are aware that there are many allergens, and have tried to cover the main ones.  We can easily add these to the list, so please send us a contact form.

The product I scanned is not on the app

While we have over 40,000 products on the app, we still have a lot more to add, and the market is forever evolving, so while we endeavor to catch items as they hit the market, sometimes we need to research the ingredients.  Please send us a contact form with any pictures of products not on the app so we can have them added

My camera is broken or of bad quality so is not picking up the barcode

You can always search for the product by name or keyword using the search functionality.

I know the app has products from NZ & UK.  Does that mean I can use it in both countries?

You most certainly can!

Are you going to include any other countries?

Watch this space....

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